Adopt a Magazine



When you 'adopt' a magazine, you ...

  • Find a magazine you like
  • Locate the annual subscription price displayed on the publisher's order card, inside the magazine
  • Contact the front desk at 641-472-6551 ext. 2
  • Become first in line to read a new issue
  • Bring happiness to other patrons
  • Get a tax deduction





We call it our Adopt a Magazine program, and local patron John Beghtol discovered it:  "I felt a need to see specialty magazines in the library.  I didn't see anything for astronomy, for example, and wanted to fill that gap.  And I wanted to support the library's Foreign Affairs Roundtable.  I just like to see them available for people to read."

A company called EBSCO handles our magazine subscriptions and provides a backup copy bank.  A prospective donor can remove an order card from an existing magazine in our collection and donate the price shown on the card.  We will honor that price, regardless of what EBSCO charges us.