Board Game Collection

Fairfield Public Library adult patrons can borrow one board games at a time for a period of three weeks.



Introductory Games
These games are a great place to start playing. They are also a great way to begin the evening before diving into something more dense. 
◆Ticket to Ride <more info>

◆Catan <more info>

◆Elfenroads <more info>

Younger Children's Games (2-6 years old)
Great games to play with young children. Practice dexterity, cooperation, and communication.

◆The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game <more info>

◆Apples to Apples Junior Edition <more info>

◆Five Little Monkeys <more info>

Older Children's and Adult Games
Good for a wider range of ages. 

◆Parks <more info>

◆Tsuro <more info>

◆Dominion <more info>

◆Hero Quest <more info>

Cooperative Games
Work together to overcome a challenge. 

◆Hanabi <more info>

◆Forbidden Island <more info>

Two-Person Friendly Games
Games that work well with only 2 players.

◆Backgammon <more info>

◆Cathedral <more info>

Party Games
Easy games for large groups. 

◆Apples to Apples <more info>
◆Exploding Kittens <more info>
◆Wits and Wagers <more info>
◆Scrabble <more info>

◆Blokus <more info>

Dense Games
Games with a multitude of interlocking mechanics. These games are lengthy and challenging. 

◆Lacrimosa <more info>

◆Rajas of the Ganges <more info>

1. Who can borrow a board game from the Library?

Anyone with a valid full-access adult Fairfiedl Public Libray card.


2. How many games can I borrow?
You can borrow one game at a time and can place a hold on an additional three games.


3. How long can I keep the games?
You may keep the games for two weeks.


4. Can I renew my game?
Yes, board games can be renewed, provided they are not on hold for another patron.

5. What happens if I lose a game piece/game?
Let us know when you return the game if there are pieces missing so that we can make sure the game is complete for  the next patron. If missing pieces will prevent a game from being playable or if a game is not returned at all, your account may be fined to cover replacement costs.


6. Where does the library purchase their games?
They are primarily purchased locally here in Fairfield at the Wander's Haul. 


7. Where/when can I return my games?
Games must be returned at the FPL Front Desk and may not be left in book drops.


8. What happens if I return a game late?
Seven days after the games due date, games will be marked as lost and a replacement fee will be assessed.
Replacement fees depend on the cost of the game to be replaced. Returning the game will waive the replacement fee.


9. Can I borrow more than one copy of the same game?
No. Currently you may only check out one copy of any particular title per library card.


10. Will the game have instructions?

All games come with instructions in English.


11. What do I do if my game is missing pieces when I pick it up?
Let the librarian know if you discover missing pieces as soon as possible. Sometimes games are loaned out without all          factory original pieces if the game is playable as is.


12. Can I donate games to the Board Game Library?
Yes, thank you. Please email us at with the word “Donation” in the subject line to discuss the logistics.


13. Are there programs where I can see game demos or test games before borrowing?
Yes, we have an FPL Board Games event every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm.


14. What age level are the games meant for?
Our collection contains games for a variety of ages and skill levels, from young children and beginners to older and experienced players.