Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Fairfield Public Library is to provide access to information of an educational and recreational nature for the residents of Fairfield and those areas contracting service with the library, to promote an informed citizenry and enrich lives.  While all 18 Public Library Service Responses* are addressed to varying degrees, we currently emphasize these three:  

1. Create Young Readers—Early Literacy:  Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.

2. Satisfy Curiosity—Lifelong Learning:  Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

3. Understand How to Find, Evaluate, and Use Information—Information Fluency:  Residents will know when they need information to resolve an issue or answer a question, and have the skills to search for, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to meet their needs.

To fulfill its mission, Fairfield Public Library develops and maintains a collection in a wide variety of formats and provides other means of information access.  A competent staff is employed to develop, interpret and disseminate the collection.  We identify the community’s information needs and strive to meet them.

The library provides physical facilities and technologies that enable patrons to enjoy an actively-used collection and up-to-date services.  We partner with other local agencies, the State Library of Iowa, and WorldCat to achieve our goals.

* “Service responses” as defined by the Public Library Association are the links between a community's needs, interests, and priorities and the programs and services a library offers. 

                                                                                                                                  Adopted by Trustees on 2/20/20