Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan 2024-27

In February of 2023, the Library Director and FPL Board of Trustees approved new Vision and Mission statements for the Library. The Library's new 3-year 2024-27 Strategic Plan was adopted on May 20, 2024. Click the link below to view the new Strategic Plan. 

To foster curiosity, connection, and empowerment 

The mission of the Fairfield Public Library is to provide access to programs, materials and resources that celebrate diversity, stimulate the imagination and encourage lifelong learning; To offer a safe, comfortable place for individuals to enjoy and the community to gather; To promote better understanding of our history, meaningful endeavors today, and a more sustainable, equitable and collaborative future.  


The Fairfield Public Library’s new 3-year strategic plan for 2024-2027 represents a broadening of the vision that was developed when a 1-year plan was initiated in 2023. The 2023-2024 plan prioritized the enhancement of the library’s physical space and the acquisition of new digital resources such as the MyLibro smartphone app, Hoopla, Kanopy, and free digital access to newspapers. The 2024-2027 strategic plan more substantially emphasizes efforts to expand staff capacities, further develops the library as a center for the arts, volunteering, and sustainability, and re-orients the library organization toward a redefinition of our space, services, and resources in alignment with the vision and mission of the Library. The new strategic plan maintains that early literacy programming is essential to our mission, that collaboration with City, local businesses and nonprofits makes us stronger, and that promotion of library offerings must be a continuous, creative endeavor.  

The 2024-2027 strategic plan is informed by data collected at a public "Community Conversation" event held on January 24, 2024 at the Library, recommendations from Library staff, community survey results submitted by 170 participants from January through March 2024, and one planning meeting with Library Board executive officers and Library Director Schmidt Mickunas.

View the 2024-27 Strategic Plan