Genealogy Research


geneaology.jpg Visit our Genealogy Department to explore family histories-in-progress, as well as completed works.  


  The genealogy reference collection includes:

  • Jefferson County obituaries
  • Cemetery lists for Jefferson County and surrounding counties
  • Records of births, marriages, divorces, deaths
  • Historical atlases
  • Early landowners
  • Plat maps
  • Digital and analog microfilm scanners
  • And more!

Need help with your family history research?  Call the front desk at 641-472-6551 ext. 2 for contact information.  Local volunteers Richard Thompson & Barbara Rainbow can help: 

  • Richard Thompson is the go-to person for help in navigating the resources listed above.  He has assisted many people with research onsite, and by phone and email.  
  • Barbara Rainbow assists with research at the library, or remotely.  Together you can create a tree, break through research road blocks, navigate, or find relatives who match your DNA profile.  Barbara has an account with, and she can use a computer at the library to show you more about your family history.  In 1996 when first offered digital genealogy records, she became a member.  She was one of the first to take the Ancestry DNA test and learn how to expand genealogy research through DNA matches.