Adopt an Author



When you ‘adopt’ an author, you ...

  • Pay the library's discounted price
  • Are first in line to read a new book
  • Bring happiness to other patrons
  • Get a tax deduction
  • Call the front desk at 641-472-6551 ext. 2    for details   

We call it our Adopt an Author Program, and local patron Roseann Swink discovered it:  “It’s a no-brainer.  I save 40% off retail on books I would have bought anyway.  I get to read them when they’re hot off the press - as soon as they’re cataloged - and it’s a tax deductible donation.  It’s fun to see books I personally donated in avid circulation, and it makes me happy to know they’re being read and enjoyed.”

The library has a standing order plan for new hardcover editions by these 200+ authors who are especially popular with our readers.  As soon as a new book by your author is published, our vendor automatically ships it to the library and we notify you.  (You have the option to decline a title, if it doesn't interest you.)

If you would like to adopt an author, please fill out the form below and a staff member will contact you shortly:



Important information:

The library will order books by your author, and you will be billed whenever a new book arrives at the library. You will receive a discount of about 35% off the retail price through the library's book vendors.