2021-09-28 14:58:10

October 23, 2021 beginning at 5:00 PM

The SE Iowa Sierra Club, Fairfield Rotary, Fairfield Public Library and Fairfield Arts and Convention Center are collaborating on a new film series called Walkin' the Talk. This is intended to be an uplifting series highlighting individuals, groups and communities who are rethinking how we interact with our planet, serving as role models for all of us to reflect on how we might want to engage in different ways. 

The first film in the Walkin' the Talk series is The Need to Grow, to be shown on Saturday, October 23.  This will be an outside event in the parking lot of FACC. The movie is focused on local food and soil. The evening will be an educational event with booths, speakers, food trucks, and then the movie as the centerpiece of the evening.  The event will start at 5:00, and the movie will be shown at 7:00. 

The Need To Grow follows pioneers of cutting edge technology as they fight to localize sustainable food systems and regenerate Earth's dying soils.