2021-07-13 15:19:08

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History Roundtable

History buffs, would you like to share your favorite books with like-minded readers?

The library’s History Roundtable is a great place for connecting with others and exploring diverse perspectives whether your interest is in local, national, or international history. Present whatever history book you are currently reading (even if you’re in the middle of a book) and enjoy a spirited dialog. In a readers’ circle, conversation inevitably covers the books presented plus other topics, so everyone walks away with inspiration for further reading. We will limit group size to 10 to ensure that everyone can be heard in the time allotted.

The library can accommodate in-person attendance in the Meeting Room, AND we also host this event via Zoom for those who prefer to attend remotely. Please note that the Meeting Room has its own separate air handler, and we have installed an Austin Air purifier in that room.

If you choose to attend via Zoom, we recommend downloading the latest version of their free app prior to login for the best audio and video experience. Click JOIN A MEETING in the upper right corner of your screen and enter these numbers when prompted:  

Meeting ID   853 6933 5652

Passcode       826314