Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanopy Streaming Video



Free online access to 30,000 films for patrons in our service area!

  • Documentaries
  • Feature films
  • Foreign films
  • 1,600 Kanopy Kids films
  • 500 Great Courses


How to begin watching:

  • Go to fairfieldlib.kanopy.com
  • Follow the prompts
  • Register with your active library card number
  • Create your account

Each patron gets monthly access to 5 play credits, unlimited use of Kanopy Kids, and one Great Course.  Here is what happens when you begin watching:

  • Documentary or Feature Film 
    • You spend 1 play credit
    • You have 72 hours to view the film
    • The library pays $2.00
  • TV Season  
    • You spend 1 play credit
    • You have 72 hours to view all episodes in that season
    • The library pays $2.00
    • If you don't finish all episodes in that season within 72 hours, use another play credit to finish the season and the library pays another $2.00. 
  • Kanopy Kids 
    • You have unlimited use of Kanopy Kids for 30 rolling days
    • No play credits required
    • Library pays $5.00 when you begin viewing a Kanopy Kids film, the 30 day countdown begins, and you view as many films in that collection as you wish--no additional charge to the library ... until the NEXT 30-day period rolls around and you do it again.
  • Great Courses
    • ​​​​​​​You have access to one Great Course from The Teaching Company every 30 days
    • When you begin watching a lecture in your chosen Great Course, the library pays $5.00. 
    • To see a Course Overview, go to thegreatcourses.com .
    • You have 30 rolling days to complete that course
    • One Great Course can have 9-96 lectures, ~30 minutes each     

This service is funded with support from the Fairfield Public Library Foundation. 

Donations are welcome!