Position title:  Director

Department:  Library

Reports to:  Board of Trustees

Supervises:   Entire Staff

FLSA status:  Salary

Date revised: 3-31-22

Starting salary: $55,000 - $65,000 per year plus IPERS, health insurance, and paid leave       

Hours:  40 hours per week, or more as needed


Interested Candidates should submit a cover letter, current resume, and three professional references.  Please include your last name in the title of any attached files. Submit all documents in an email to director@fairfield.lib.ia.us, and include “director application” in the subject line. Applications are due May 15.


Position Summary  

The Library Director oversees the day to day operations of the library and manages all operations and activities of the library within the policies, procedures and practices established by the Library Board of Trustees and the City of Fairfield. The Director is responsible for overseeing the supervision, training and work of the library staff in carrying out assigned duties and library operations. This position includes a high level of community activism as a representative of the City of Fairfield and may require working a variety of hours. The Director will promote favorable public relations and negotiate for improvement of the Library, its grounds, and its equipment.  They will perform related administrative and supervisory duties to ensure the efficient operation of the Library.  The work of the Director requires that they possess thorough knowledge, skill and ability in every phase of the public library field.


Academic and Library experience qualifications

The Director shall have a master’s degree in Library Science from an accredited college or university plus progressively responsible library administration and supervisory experience. Experience with library programming, social media platforms, fund-raising, grant writing, facilitating websites, and public fiscal accountability is highly recommended.  


Salary and Hours

The starting salary will be $55,000 - $65,000 per year.  Benefits include IPERS, health insurance, and paid leave. The Director will work 40 hours per week, or more as needed.



The Director reports to the Board of Trustees and participates in city department head meetings when requested.


Essential Job Duties

Collection management: The Director will direct the development and maintenance of a public library collection of digital and physical materials, including, but NOT limited to: books, periodicals, records, films, tapes and a variety of other library materials. This position requires conferring with state agencies, other public libraries, corporations, and community groups in the development of library programs for the city and assists in coordinating interlibrary program efforts.


Policy Recommendations and Fiscal Decision Making: The Director will draft and recommend policy to the Library Board and plan for the implementation of public library goals and objectives. They will provide support to the Library Board of Directors by assisting with meetings, preparing reports, statistical review, and implementing policy decided by the Board. The Director will represent the library on regional and state committees and serve as the city’s authority on library issues.  They will provide management of the budget and finances which will include personnel, purchase and supply, building and grounds maintenance, and other areas as needed.  


Authority:  The Director will make decisions about all matters in the Library, contacting the Board when necessary.  The Director will work closely with staff in their respective areas.


Programming and Community Relations: The Director will evaluate and administer library programs such as circulation, reference, reader's advisory services, children's services, community services, and public information. They will facilitate Adult programming. The Director will provide reference and reader's advisory services on a regular schedule to library patrons as supervisor of that department. They will communicate with the city councils of the other cities which contract with the library for services.


Inter-departmental planning: The Director will confer with city officials and the general public to provide information and to resolve problems and complaints. The Director will prepare the annual departmental budget, with input from the Library Board committees, and will present and defend budget requests before the Board and City Council. The Director will direct and control the expenditure of departmental fund allocations within the constraints of approved budgets.


Staff Relations: The Director will direct the training of library staff in technical and administrative library skills. They will conduct and participate in personnel actions such as hiring, termination, assignment, evaluation, discipline and labor relations. The Director also will possess the ability and desire to professionally mentor library staff, particularly other MLS qualified employees, for further career advancement.


Buildings and Grounds: The Director will direct the development, repair and maintenance of the Library buildings and grounds.  They will promote improvements to the facilities to meet the needs of the public.


Strategic planning:  The Director will prepare a long-range plan for repairing, maintaining, replacing and purchasing equipment needed for the library. This also includes planning for repair, maintenance, and upgrading the physical facilities of the library. They should also consider finances and staffing when creating the strategic plan. The Director has the ability to evaluate a variety of vendors for future library planning.


Board of Trustees:  The Director will attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees. They will keep the Board of Trustees informed of rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the Library and for assuring that the Library is in compliance with these regulations.  The Director will assist in orientation of new Trustees.


Foundation:  The Director will attend meetings of the Foundation, representing the needs of the library and the requests of the Board of Trustees.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

Possesses a bias towards customer service: The Director will possess a proven track record of positive staff management.  They will have the ability to make decisions based on what is best for patrons and the community. A willingness to work in the library in any capacity as needed is essential. They should have an appreciation of the unique space libraries have in communities. They should have an interest in developing programming based on patron interests and relationships. Also, they must be interested in fostering cooperative relationships with the Board, community, and other city departments and have demonstrated the ability to work with other city departments. 


Adaptability: The Director is able to cooperate with the staff, boards, community, and government. They have the ability and desire to develop positive relationships with staff and with a variety of community stakeholders with varied backgrounds and interests.


Vision: The director has the ability to develop short term and long range goals for the library and for self-improvement. Familiarity and experience with state-of-the-art library trends as well as with current social media platforms is a must. They must be interested in evaluating current and future library trends. The ability to fundraise for desired future projects is a plus.


Personal traits: The director must possess a high amount of integrity. They should be honest, truthful, and trustworthy, and able to control their emotions. They must be good listeners, out-going, team-focused, and have a positive and growth mindset. They should have good time management and organizational skills, and be able to work with minimal supervision. Positive qualities of leadership are essential.  They must be highly motivated and possess considerable initiative. 


Communication: The Director must have the ability to communicate effectively through writing, speaking and formal presentations and must be functionally literate in written and spoken English.


Work Environment

Most work is performed in a well lit office setting seated or standing with appropriate heating and cooling, and is not subject to significant occupational or environmental hazards, other than those normally associated with general public contact. Much of  the work is performed at a computer, or using other office equipment. The noise level in this work environment is usually low. Work may involve frequent interaction with the public and frequent interruptions. Ongoing contact with the public always has the potential for dealing with difficult or unhealthy patrons. Physical work is minimal, but may include lifting 50 pounds or less or performing janitorial work when needed during library hours. (The library employs custodians who work outside  regular library hours.)


Hours of Work

The Director generally works 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, with half-day Saturdays and Sundays in rotation. This position may be required to work different hours with minimal notice to meet operational needs.


Evaluation of Director

The Director will be evaluated yearly as required. The evaluation may include ratings by the Board of Trustees, interviews of staff, and interviews of department heads/City Administrators.