2022-11-08 09:51:53

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 7PM 
Location: Fairfield Public Library Meeting Room
Audience: Adults

Fairfield Public Library, Fair Field Productions, and Fairfield Media Center invite former Parsons College students, staff, faculty, and any members of the Fairfield community to come and share insights about Parsons College. Local film maker Dick DeAngelis and Parson's Alumni President Dave Neff will facilitate the discussion about Parsons College and its history.

Dick DeAngelis and his team have been researching and filming interviews, and are now getting ready to edit their documentary titled "Parsons". If you have a specific story, opinion, or photos that you think will contribute to the team's understanding, please attend this meeting. The research and production team already has all the yearbooks. 

If you need assistance due to a disability in order to attend this event, please contact the FPL Front Desk at 641-472-6551, Ext. 2.